Birthday Parties

Knucklebones began when a parent requested fun, athletic, outside the box games for their child's party.  Although we have grown, we continue to provide amazing, fun, funky activities directly to you, for 1st birthdays to 50th celebrations!  We like to stay away from traditional sports.  While one participant might love soccer, for example, will the other 20 enjoy as much?   Our priorities are to get everyone engaged, entertained, moving (adults included on occassion) and make the birthday VIP, feel like a VIP.


As always, we travel to you with all the games, equipment, and playfullness neeeded for as many participants as requested.  We can play in a backyard, local park, community room, gym, inside you home (depending on the space and participants), we adapt to fit the space provided, age and number of participants.  From there, we'll get everyone engaged in either group games, or a playspace.

Group Games:

This is where everyone is playing together with our coach leading the group.  If there is a party theme (Minecraft, dinosaurs, Ninja, Survivor etc.) 0r if the VIP has a strong like for a specific games (soccer, dodgeball, softball, Gaga, etc.), we can take those ideas and incoprorate them in to games that all will enjoy.  If they don't, have no fear, our coach will come up with a creative plan.


This is where we'll bring a plethora of different games and activites for all to enjoy in an open, free flowing manner.  From Rodys to Build n' Balance, Gaga to Doulble-sided Basketball and Giant Games (Checkers, Jenga, Twister, etc.) to all best backyard games we'll fill the entire space with enough equipment for all to enjoy, in a safe space, with no lines.

Once our time is over, we help transition participants to whatever you have planned next.  No matter which option you choose, all will have a blast!  

We look forward to working with you...for the love of play!

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