Community Playspaces

Knucklebones' Community Playspace entails filling any open space (gym, classroom, function room, field, etc) with a varity of unique, athletically inspired equipment and activities, for participants to play and use at their own leisure. This type of event is extremely popular for groups with a vast age range or in which participants want to get active but in a less organized manner.  Knucklebones staff will be there to setup, facilitate, play and pack it all away - all while creating a mesmerizing space for fun, healthy movement.  We can target this for any age range from 8 months to 99 years.  Whether we're running a parent group playspace, as an add on to an already existing event (5K, summer concert, movie night, block party, annual outing, etc), a back to school picnic or family corporate outing, Community Playspaces bring people together...for the love of play! 

Who is this good for?

  • College / Universities (homecoming, orientation, reuninos, Greek life, etc.)
  • Community Organizations (fundraisers, walks / races, celebrations, etc.)
  • Corporate Outings (with families or as entertainment at a function)
  • Fairs and Festivals
  • Parent Groups (holiday / special events, annual gatherings, fundraisers, etc.)
  • Private Events
  • Recreation Departments (movie nights, summer concerts, holiday events, family events, etc.)
  • Religous Groups (holiday / special events, etc.)
  • Schools (field days, back to school / end of year celebrations, PTA events, etc.)

We look forward to working with you...for the love of play!

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