About Us


Knucklebones is committed to using play as a catalyst for a happier and healthier lifestyle.  With an array of services covering the spectrum of play, we encourage all ages to enhance their lives...for the love of play!


Based on our tag line ...for the love of play!,  we provide each and every client with a fun and fulfilling experience. We pledge to “keep the bar high” allowing everyone the opportunity to excel.  With a “practice makes progress” perspective, we will allow each client to fulfill his or her full potential.  We use our voices, not whistles, in an encouraging and often humorous way to gain and hold our client’s attention.  Our belief in “Choice Theory” encourages a safe and fun environment while making good, healthy decisions.


Knucklebones began by accident in 2004 when Mitch, Founder and CVO, was the athletics director of a summer camp. Midway through summer he was asked by several parents if he could provide the same unique games the kids played at camp at birthdays.  Mitch was thrilled to be able to play even more than usual and, of course, said “YES!”

Since the early days of birthdays, we have continued to follow our clients’ requests.  Today, we play anywhere and everywhere including (but not limited to) child cares, extended day programs, schools, recreation departments, colleges, community organizations, camps, private events, libraries, mothers groups, senior centers and corporations. Beginning summer of 2011 we diversified, becoming retailers for over 100 of the top manufactures of athletically inspired products.

We look forward to working with you...for the love of play!

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