After almost a decade in the field of play, searching for new equipment and creating new games, we are thrilled to share our knowledge through trainings. Tired of playing the same old games? Want to bring the classroom into the gym? This is perfect for teachers, staff and counselors who want to be re-invigorated by the importance of play. During these trainings we help bring fresh ideas to your staff using limited or your current equipment.  We can also help bring the classroom into the gym by teaching cross-curricular games and activities. How many ways can you use tennis balls? The possibility is endless!  We get all participants up and moving while teaching, engaging, invigorating and having fun!

Who is this good for?

  • Camp Orientation
  • Teacher Training
  • Extended Day Continuing Education

We’re looking forward to working with you...

Knucklebones is always happy to speak with you about any questions or programming needs. Reach us today!

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