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AnchorDuring Knucklebones' trainings we help bring fresh ideas to your staff using limited or your current equipment.  We can also bring the classroom into the gym by teaching cross-curricular games and activities,  How many ways can you use tennis balls, saucer cones or hula hoops?  The possiblities are endless!  We get all participants up and moving while teaching, engaging, invigorating, and having fun!

Who is this good for?

  • Camp Orientation
  • Teacher Training
  • Extended Day Continuing Education


During our trainings and presentations, we focus on equipmnent that any budget can support and can be used in endless ways. Of everything we've seen and used over the years, nothing compares to the multifunctional use balls!  During these trainings and presentations we leave behind over 25,000 tennis balls every year.  This ensures that educators can play the games we teach and expand on games not yet created. 

To keep up with the demand of these balls, we accept donations of tennis balls from tennis clubs and athletic clubs throughout New England.  To provide us with a donation please email us at

We look forward to working with you...for the love of play!

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