Can Knucklebones participate in our program?

Knucklebones happily plays anytime fun is needed!  We could not possibly list all the types of programs we offer or places we go, but we can name a few: schools (Preschool, Elementary Middle, High, College, etc), convention centers, country clubs, recreation centers, private homes, etc. If you don't see your need just let us know. We love customizing a program just for you.

How much does a Knucklebones’ event cost?

Our prices vary depending on the length of play, number of participants and location.  If you'd like to find out the cost of having us, please contact us with the following information:

  • What is the type of event (Bday party, one time event, 10 week program, living well center, orientation, etc)?
  • How long will you want Knucklebones present (1 hour, 1.5 hours, all day, etc)?
  • Where will the event take place (City, Backyard, Park Name, etc.)?
  • How many participants will there be (10, 50, 200, 3719, etc)?

Does Knucklebones consider reduced rates for not-for-profits?

We love to play and hope to spread our joy to everyone!  We consider all requests from not-for-profits to have Knucklebones engage in an athletics program.

How does Knucklebones care for products?

We are vigilant about maintaining our products. We routinely inspect all products and have staff remove any product that may be deemed not appropriate for play.  We also clean used products with a white vinegar/water solution and have regular all products cleaning days.

Can parents participate in children’s events?

Part of Knucklebones’ philosophy is to include parents in at least one round of games. There is no substitute for the joy created when parents and children interact.  After all, how often is it a group of parents get to challenge a group of children in fun, unique games? 

How far does Knucklebones travel?

With two locations, Boston and Los Angles, we happily consider any events in-between. We have traveled all over New England, down to New York and throughout Southern California.

Is Knucklebones hiring?  

Knucklebones is always hiring.  For further information please contact us corporate@knucklebones.us with your area of interest.

Can Knucklebones open a branch in my city?

We're always considering options for expansion.  We're happy to work with people to open a home office or a franchise in their community.  We consider people with a playful spirit, the mind of an entreprenuer and the knowledge that a Knucklebones branch can be successful in your city. If that describes you please email us corporate@knucklebones.us with your passionate appeal for being a part of the world's most playful company.

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Knucklebones is always happy to speak with you about any questions or programming needs. Reach us today!

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