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Below are our various group class offerings.  If you're interested in something different, and it's athletic in nature, just ask!  We're happy to turn most any idea into an athletic program.  Classes/Programs can one-time or reoccuring (4, 6, 8-week program) based on your needs.   If you're an individual looking to enroll in a class near you, check out our calendar page.

Who is this good for?

  • Camps
  • Child Cares
  • Community Organizations
  • Corporate Groups
  • Extended Day Programs
  • Parent Groups
  • ​Private Events
  • Recreation Departments
  • Schools (cross-curricular activities, field day, field trips, granduations, PE Class, PTA/PTO events, Team Building, etc)

Our Programs



Has your child been getting the movement they need? Ready to get them active and having fun without having to leave home? Knucklebones' Zoom-letics allows participants a unique, outisde the box athletic program via Zoom, using everyday items found in your home. From Survivor challenges to athletic fundamentals, Minute to Win It to a soccer "game", we'll have everyone laughing, moving and have fun!

Infants (starting at 10 months)  

Explorations (other names: ‘Mommy & Me’, ‘Pops & Tots’, etc.)
Knucklebones’ Explorations engages in an array of creative movement and gross motor activities. Each week will bring equipment and activities, creating a playspace that may include soft climbers, hoppers, ball pit, climbing structure, push/pull toys, tents, tunnels, balancing equipment, scooters, balls (various textures and sizes), gymnastics shapes and much more. Your coach will also lead a group activity to encourage participants to work together and provide social interaction.  Explorations encourages gross motor skills, hand/foot/eye coordination, balancing & walking, physical activity, and provide a whole lot of fun!                

Toddlers - Pre-kindergarten 

Explorations (other names: ‘Mommy & Me’, ‘Pops & Tots’, etc.)
Knucklebones’ Explorations engages both child and guardian in exploring a vast array of creative movement and gross motor activities. Each week your Knucklebones’ coach will bring a plethora of activities creating a circuit of open play that will include soft climbers, hoppers, ball pit, climbing structure, push/pull toys, tents, tunnels, balancing equipment, scooters, balls (various textures and sizes), gymnastics shapes and much more. Your coach will also lead a group activity to encourage participants to work together and provide social interaction.  Explorations encourages gross motor skills, hand/foot/eye coordination, balancing & walking, physical activity, and provide a whole lot of fun!

Athletics (other names: Wacky Games)
Knucklebones has designed a program to enhance gross motor skills, athletic fundamentals, physical exercise, creative movement, and fun!  Each class your child will play a myriad of different, skill enhancing athletic activities and games. From learning to kick using RhinoSkin balls to practicing throwing, playing Messy Backyard and much more, we make sure your child is active and having fun while developing a passion for play that will stay with them!  The entire program is supported using a plethora of unique and age appropriate equipment.  Sneakers are required.

Micro Soccer
Knucklebones’ proven clinic helps children learn the beginning skills, technique and etiquette of soccer. Starting with RhinoSkin balls, moving up to size 3 soccer balls, children actively engage in learning everything from passing and kicking, to dribbling skills and running. Each class structure begins with a short discussion of the game, stretching and calisthenics, skill lesson, followed by soccer activities and a soccer game.  You will be amazed, and your child will feel empowered, as they improve throughout this session.  Parents are highly encouraged to participate with their child in this program. 

Micro Sport
Knucklebones’ Multi Sport is the perfect blend of fundamentals and fun, focusing on traditional sports including Soccer, Basketball, and Tball, along with not so traditional sports like Wheels, Lil’ Ninjas and Gymnastics. Each class is supported by an array of our unique outside the box equipment; from RhinoSkin balls to climbing structures, balance beams to mini basketball hoops, our age appropriate equipment is sure to help enhance your child’s passion for play while learning new skills.

Micro Basketball
This clinic focuses on the basic fundamentals beginning with dribbling, shooting, passing and catching as well as defense. Using age appropriate equipment, this class enables your child to learn at their own pace while having a blast! Each class will be structured with stretching, learning a skill, rule of the day, skill game and finally a fun filled game for all to enjoy. Sneakers are required. 

Micro T-Ball
Knucklebones’ Micro T-Ball engages both children and parent/guardian in learning to play like a Pro. Starting with tees, and progressing to underhand pitching, we’ll focus on basic rules, batting technique, running the bases and fielding, all while using outside the box equipment and activities to practice. Participants will gain the essence of the game and have fun while playing. The last day will be the most fun as the children will take on the parents/ guardians in a game for bragging rights! 

Micro Wheels
Micro Wheels teaches the fundamentals of learning to ride a bicycle without training wheels!  Each class your Knucklebones’ Coach will bring in a variety of unique wheeled and non-wheeled products to help build gross motor skills, balance and confidence.  Class will begin with a brief stretch and activity to get participants up and moving.  From there we will introduce a new activity involving wheeled vehicles such as scooter boards, three wheel scooters, balance bicycles and finally progressing to a bicycle.  As well, we will include an array of diverse games and activities such as balance beams, balancing stones, street signs, an obstacle course and more to help these determined drivers develop the skills needed to ride safely, successfully and have FUN! Proper sneakers and long pants are required.

Intro to Gymnastics
Knucklebones’ Gymnastics offers a unique twist for your beginning gymnast.  Using age appropriate equipment and fun techniques, your child will gain creative and rhythmic movement, flexibility, gymnastics fundamental and gross motor skills. Exploring apparatus including beam, high bar, rings, cylinders, wedges, humps, springboard, along with other unique products, your child will progress with introductory skills while having fun!  Knucklebones prides itself on engaging children through cooperative play in a carefully designed circuit of gymnastic activities.  

Lil' Ninja (ages 3-5)
Does your child love to run, jump, climb and tumble? Then this "play" on American Ninja Warrior is the perfect class. Each week your child will participate in stretching, elements, obstacles and games to help gross motor skills, fitness and fun. From swinging on a high bar to balance beams, climbing structures and tumbling on mats to leaping into a ball pit - your child is sure to have a blast!

Literacize (other names: Creative Movement & Reading)
Knucklebones’ Literacize consists of reading aloud an athletically inspired book and then creating an array of athletic activities that coincide with the book’s theme. For example, we’ll transform Three Billy Goats Gruff into building a bridge using an array of unique equipment for the participants to walk across and then collect food without running into the troll. Or Pete the Cat and Head to Toe, each week the books will include movement, storytelling and allow the Knucklebones coach to showcase a diverse array of equipment.  Through this program several significant learning goals may be acquired:

• A joy of reading can be instilled

• A fun and playful approach to being fit and a healthy lifestyle 

• A diverse array of books provides children with age-appropriate, educational subjects

• Motor & social skills can be enhanced

Grades K-8th  

Ninja Warrior (grades K-3rd only)
Knucklebones Ninja is a blend of strength, skill, flexibility, fitness and fun. Throughout class participants will engage in various games, drills, elements and obstacle courses. From scaling up cargo nets on a truss to walking across balance beams, climbing over the A-frame to hanging on monkey bars, this class allows participants to have fun while progressing through the basics of ninja warrior elements.

Athletic Games (other names: Wacky Games, Gym Heroes, etc)
This class is not your average sports class! Using an array of high quality, unique equipment, we’ll play outside the box games for all to enjoy. Capture the Flag meets giant six-foot inflatable tube, welcome to Powerball! Gaga, Poison and theme days - Color Games, Olympics and Survivor; everyone will be challenged, learn new skills and have a blast.  Proper clothing and sneakers are required.

Spectacular Sports (other names: Multi Sports)
Spectacular Sports focuses on developing participants' fundamentals and understanding of various sports.  Starting at participants level, we’ll progress through a variety of sports such as badminton, lacrosse, baseball, basketball, flag football and more.  Of course, we’ll add in sprinkling of cultural and nature-based games as well as our own sporting games such as Endline, Throw N’ Go, and Wheel Steal.  Everyone will engage in playing through a perspective of positive psychology and teamwork.  Proper clothing and sneakers are required.

Physical Challenge
Curating the perfect mix of activities from shows like Survivor, Amazing Race, Double Dare and Minute to Win It, this class focuses on wild, outside the box, physical activities. From wacky to mind bending, physical to mental - we'll cover all the bases.

Team Building
Knucklebones’ Team Building is not your average ice breaker! Using an array of athletically inspired equipment, we enhance participants communication, leadership, and ability to work together through game play. From building a bridge to moving “toxic waste”, each class will consist of several activities tailored for the group, age range and location. Everyone will learn, move and have a blast!

Survivor Challenges
With over 250 seasons from the US & aboard, Survivor has created some of the greatest challenges on television.  Manipulating various challenges, participants will work to outwit, outplay and outlast through mental, physical and creative tasks. Working in groups, pairs and individuals, participants will be presented with their very own season of Survivor.

Amazing Race Challenge 
Knucklebones brings our own version of the "Amazing Race" to your doorstep.  Teams must traverse a course while stopping at various pit stops to accomplish challenges and stunts.  Working together to analyze materials and obtain clues, teams must maneuver the course quickly and accumulate the most points along the way to succeed in all its glory.

Color War
One of the best camp traditions is now a breakout tradition of its own.  Dividing into teams, each assigned a color, they must compete in various group and team activities. From traditional, Kickball and Dizzy Bat to relay races to Gaga; every class will be different and conclude with one event that can propel any team forward to claim the crown!  Color War will be the most talked about event of the year as each participant recounts their wildly vivid experience.

Cross-Curricular Game Play
Taking traditional educational curriculum into the "yard" (adding physical stimulation) allows students to acquire knowledge in a fun, healthy and physically active way. Utilizing athletically inspired activities and games, participants will be engaged in a program of creative play that teaches aspects of art, math, nature, science, and social studies. The possibilities of unique and fun learning are endless. Gather your group in a football huddle and instead of calling plays you call running angles. Play a round of pinaccuacy where you’ll have to knock down the works by Van Gogh’s without touching any Monet’s or Warhol’s.  And while broken up into Native American, British and French you’ll have to answer questions in order to obtain rewards which allow you to traverse further into the other team’s territory.   You’ve never had this much fun learning!  Proper athletic attire and sneakers are required

ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) Athletics Program
Knucklebones provides an engaging, diverse and fun athletics program for participants with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Through the involvement of parents and/or aides all activities will be personalized, allowing children to be encouraged to participate at their own level while being involved in cooperative play.  Moreover, unwanted behaviors will be realigned, communication, social skills, and friendship will be encouraged between all participants.  

Presidential Fitness, Track and Field Program
Knucklebones Presidential Fitness, Track and Field Program measures aerobic capacity, body composition, muscular strength, endurance and flexibility.  With the objective of showing children their body’s abilities and providing motivation to adopt a healthy lifestyle, our program will evaluate their progress through such activities as sprints, relays, long jump, pull-ups and an inspiringly athletic decathlon.   Each class will include stretching, game play, track & field, evaluating participants’ ability in various areas of fitness, and conclude with a discussion on healthy habits.  Upon completion of the six-week program each participant will receive a certificate and emblem from The Presidential Youth Fitness Program.  Proper athletic attire and sneakers are required

Fitness Training Program 
Knucklebones Fitness will work to show children their body’s abilities and provide motivation for the upcoming Track & Field season. Our program will include dynamic cross training activities that will improve participants fitness, agility, stamina, and muscle conditioning. Each class will include stretching, game play, track & field and evaluate participants’ ability in various areas of fitness. Proper athletic attire and sneakers are required.

Sports Clinics
Baseball, Basketball, Field Hockey, Flag Football, Floor Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, Tennis & Volleyball 

Martial Arts
Knucklebones’ Martial Arts is a great way to help increase self-discipline, respect, confidence and coordination – while having fun. Focusing on introductory martial arts skills including stance, strength, agility, flexibility, self-defense, forms and breathing, we utilize both traditional and outside the box teaching techniques. From creative games to emphasizing structure, no special strength or abilities are needed, allowing everyone to excel and enjoy!

Introduction to Skateboarding
Designed for beginner skateboarders with little to no experience, this class teaches fundamental skateboarding tricks and skills.  Concentrating on balance, turning, accelerating, stopping, transitions, dropping in, Ollies, and a variety of other skills, we not only teach tricks but help participants develop confidence to apply them on their own. Proper safety equipment (helmet, knee and elbow pads, and wrist guards) and skateboards are required.  For those that can't bring them, they will be provided but you must let us know upon registration.  Participants must keep all safety gear on at all times and wear athletic shoes.

Intermediate Skateboarding
Designed for skateboarders with experience who are looking to push themselves to the next level, this class will focus on tricks you have been dreaming about, while conquering your fear at the same time. From a variety of skateboard flip tricks, grinds, manuals and riding vert we not only teach tricks but help participants develop confidence to apply them on their own. Proper safety equipment (helmet, knee and elbow pads, and wrist guards) and skateboards are required but will be provided for those who do not have their own. Participants must keep all safety gear on at all times and wear athletic shoes. 

Adult (age 18+)

Team Building
Knucklebones Team Building allows participants to learn, grow and communicate in a new type of way - through play. You don’t need to be a stellar athlete to excel, our games/challenges require focus, teamwork and communication. From small groups to large gatherings,  we customize every event to meet your needs. Amazing Race Challenge throughout the city, no problem! Intimate gathering needing to work on communication within the team - we’re on it! 

​Is your group looking for a fun way to bring people together through play? We’re here for you! Our play professionals have organized many different types of tournaments from Cornhole to Volleyball, KanJam to Softball - we’ll bring all the equipment and be ready to create an experience for all involved!

We look forward to working with you...for the love of play!

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