Our Design will focus on the following areas: products, digital games, board games and card games.


After over a decade of working with a diversity of athletic products we know what’s missing and what could be tweaked to perform even better. While we’re still in the initial phase we’re always creating new and enhanced products which we then use at our events. It’s after having these given the run through by hundreds of participants that we’ll then be ready to transition them from DIY projects to scale and directly to you.

Digital, Board & Card Games

Due to our creation and playing of large group games in big open spaces it was only natural, in today’s technologically driven world, to come up with ways to transform them into digital, board and card games. It is in this area that we’re gaining the most traction to bring games to market.  Our game philosopy will have us produce games that will teach positive psychology, provide positive content, are non-gender specific & multicultural and will have no advertisements.

Beginning in the spring of 2015, we started working with the AI The New England Institute of Art to engage their students in designing some of our digital games. We’re also working with independent game designers to help bring our ideas to fruition as well as being hired as consultants to provide gaming companies with ideas for their latest and games

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